Klaus Reis



I am an illustrator, a painter and I also love to share what I know with others in my classes.

As an illustrator I was part of a graphic novel, Noite na Taverna (A Night at The Tavern) with other authors and also did commissioned illustrations as the portrait of Bell Hooks to Orfeu Negro Editors. I participated with paintings and drawings in over 30 exhibitions in Brazil, Germany, Japan, Finland, Spain. In 2020 and 2021 I was selected as part of the main exhibition for the illustration festival Baba Kamo, in Valencia, Spain.

I pay special attention to develop an interesting dialogue between text and image in my works and to use the most appropriate technique for each specific assignment. I am a versatile yet consistent illustrator: I master several drawing technics, therefore I can suggest the best approach to the assignment. At the same time I can maintain my figurative style.

I was a professor at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and I use to give classes of Illustration, Painting and Color Theory. As a student, I did my degree in painting and I completed my PhD Studio Art in Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, where i presented my doctoral thesis: Potential Narratives: Experiments in Illustration for Picture Books from the OuBaPo Method.

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