The Magical Sponsor (version 3)

This is one of six illustrated versions of the same text. I made them as part of my PhD Thesis in Drawing/Illustration (Fine Arts Faculty of University of Lisbon). For each one of them I used a constraint adapted from OuBaPo (acronym of Ouvroir de Bande Dessinée Potentielle, a group that uses constraints as a creative process). Here I used the constraint named Iconic Restriction, that limit the representation of one or more character/object. The more important the element to be restricted, the more intense the result. I was a little radical here and I didn’t represent any character from the original story, instead I hid them in a parallel narrative along the work. In addition, I set the story in a circus, which has nothing to do with the set of the original story. The result is a contrast almost surrealistic between text and image.

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